Why The One is the Most Expensive House in the United States?


The One is the Most Expensive House in the United States : Surprising Details of The One

The mega-mansion named “The One” is the most expensive house in the US. The beautiful house was listed for $295 million in auction in January 2022 which makes it the most expensive living home in the US at that time. But unfortunately the One was sold for $141 million in March 2022. Now we know what is the most expensive house in the United States but why it is so expensive. Let’s explore everything about this big house.

Location of The One

The One is a modern masterpiece of living house which is located in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California on a five acre site. The surprising fact is it took eight years to create this pricey mansion in America. The location of The One is so lovely because Downtown Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains and The Pacific Ocean all are visible from the house. The surrounding scenario of the house is very eye pleasing.

Who is the Owner of The One mansion?

Richard Saghian, CEO of Fashion Nova, is the owner of The One mansion. He bought this living monster at US$127 million which is the highest price in US auction history to buy a house. The asking price of The One was US$295 million.

Developer & Designer of The One

Nile Niami, a former film producer and real estate developer, developed and built The One. Nile Niami and his hired architect Paul McClean designed this beautiful house. They took eight years to build this house and finally it was completed in 2021. It is one of the country's largest private homes with a size 105,000 square feet on 3.8-acre property. Everybody knows it as The One Bel Air.

The Beauty of the One masterpiece

The beauty and the gorgeous look of the One will astonish you. There is a beautiful sculpture of italian glass in the mansion's sprawling yard. The main entrance to the property is simply beautiful. The rotating sculpture and floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the mansion's foyer will give you a great view at day-night. There are 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, multiple kitchens, a long dining room with 10,000-bottle wine cellar, a vibrantly colored beauty salon and spa with glossy red walls, an expansive entertainment room, bar and cigar lounge, a private bowling alley, a private nightclub, a 50-seat private movie theater, a room of books, a candy bar for child, an exercise room, a juice bar, a guest house for visitors and inside-outside five different pools. You can enjoy the alluring views of Los Angeles from many rooms of the One mansion. Outside it has a jogging court and tennis court. It has also 30-car garages and six elevators.

Reason for Auction of The One

After 8 years of completion, Niami hoped to sell The One at nearly $500 million but for the delay of work and different construction challenges the cost was overrun. That's why it became bankrupt after getting court-ordered receivership in 2021. It was listed for $295 million in 2022 but no buyers bid and it went to bankruptcy auction. The top bid was $126 million and it cost nearly $141 million with all other fees.

The One is one of the biggest modern homes in the US but the most expensive home for sale in the US record is no longer owned. Right now the record owner house is a penthouse in New York City which is sold at $250 million. The name of the penthouse is The One Above All Else.

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