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The Visionary Leader Dr Suborno Bose Biography, Wiki, Height, Age and Net Worth

Dr Suborno Bose awarded as Times Visionary Leader of the year 2022. The Times Men of the Year is a very prestigious award which is given to Suborno Bose for his great achievements in hospitality education. He is the founder and chairman of the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM).

Let’s know the visionary leader Dr Suborno Bose biography, wiki, height, age, net worth and other details.

Who is Suborno Bose?

Dr Suborno Bose is the Founder and Chief Mentor of the IIHM and IAM which are under Indismart Group based in India. He was honored with three Doctorates by the UK. He is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by education.

Suborno Bose Birth and Age

A successful entrepreneur, Suborno Bose was born on 15 June 1963 in Kolkata. His family was a middle class family. Now his age is 59 years.

Suborno Bose Education

Suborno Bose finished his 12 class from South Point School. After that, he completed his commerce study from St. Xavier's College. In this time he studied his CA and completed the CA at the age of 23.

Suborno Bose Family and Wife

Suborno Bose was born in a middle-class family. Now he is a successful entrepreneur but he is very conservative in showing his family and wife to the public. That’s why we didn’t find any valid information about his family, wife and childrens. We just found the following photo from his twitter account.

Suborno Bose Net worth

There is no valid information about Suborno Bose net worth on the internet. But we found info from Linkedin that his company Indismart Group net worth is over 450 crores. IIHM, IAM, Indismart Digital, Indismart Hotels and Real Estate businesses are under this Indismart Group. The company is looking to launch their IPO in 2023.

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Suborno Bose Successful Career

Suborno Bose completed his CA course at the age of 23 and then he started to teach students in chartered accountancy. His teaching firm name was Bose Associates and it was situated in his house at  Tollygunge.

After that Suborno Bose started a business management school named the Institute of Advanced Management (IAM) in 1989. He founded the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) in 1994. IIHM is now one of the best educational institutes of international hospitality management in India. The students of this institution get the opportunity to do their graduation from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Dr Suborno Bose got doctorates from the UK 3 times. He is the Managing Director of Zoom Enterprises Limited. He is the successful founder of the Young Chef School Competition and International Young Chef Olympiad.

Dr Suborno Bose is the CEO of International Hospitality Council. He created the International Hospitality Day and the day is 24 April of the year.

“SAHAS” was another initiative of Dr Suborno Bose to fund and support the young students to start their own startups.

Dr. Suborno Bose biography and success story is very inspiring for the young people of the country. Being a middle class family man he had courage to start something new. His educational background was in CA but he started IIHM which was very new for him. But with his strong intelligence he gets tremendous success in his career. We should follow him as a great business leader.

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