Why did Elon Musk offer to buy Twitter? The real intention behind it you need to know.

elon musk offer buy twitter

The real intention behind Elon Musk offer to buy Twitter

Tesla owner Elon Musk made a surprise offer on 14 March to buy Twitter for $43 billion. The interesting fact is this offer is nearly ⅕ of his net worth. He offered $54.20 per share of Twitter’s stock. He confirmed it is the best and final offer. What can be the reasons behind the offer to buy Twitter with this huge money? Let’s know some intentions of Elon Musk behind this offer.

Elon Musk stake in Twitter and refused to join the Board of Directors

From a few days Elon Musk is becoming continuously viral in the net world for different reasons. A few days ago Musk introduced Tesla Bot to the people which was viral to the netizen. Last week Musk was the talk of the town by purchasing 9.2% stake in Twitter. The stock worth was almost $3 billion. From then Twitter was expecting Mark would be joining its Board of Directors. But Tesla CEO again was the subject of headlines after refusing the board in the same week.

Sent a letter to the chairman of the Twitter proposing to buy Twitter

After this refusal Musk sent a letter to Bret Taylor, Twitter’s Chairman, offering to purchase 100% of the micro-blogging social media site for $54.20 per share in cash. Elon believes that Twitter has exceptional potential and he wants to unlock it. Musk wants the Twitter business to go private. And he also confirmed that if his offer is not accepted he will remain in the previous position as a shareholder of Twitter.

The intention behind the offer as per Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes in the possibilities of Twitter to be a free speech platform in the whole world and he also believes free speech is a societal requirement for a functioning democracy. But as per Musk the company is not serving this societal necessity in its present form. So the transformation of Twitter as a private company is very urgent from the current situation. If he will get the full authority of Twitter then he will unlock the hidden potential of this social media platform.

Musk also disclosed that if Twitter will accept his offer at first he will unfold the Twitter algorithm to make it clear to everyone. In this case the programmers can see the changes and can give proper suggestions regarding it.

There is another hint that he would like to change the Twitter infrastructure. He suggested changing the Twitter Blue premium subscription service which was introduced in Canada and Australia last year. He also doesn't like the slashing pricing model, users subscription with payment system and the banning of advertising on Twitter.

Public opinion about the offer to buy Twitter

Public is very excited about the Elon Musk offer to buy Twitter. Different people from different sectors gave their opinion about the offer. Here are some opinion from the people-

Some people are thinking Elon Musk is playing a game with the SEC. In 2018 Musk made a tweet regarding taking Tesla private at $420. For Stock manipulation SEC fined him $20m. After the buying offer of Twitter Musk is trying to look at a further investigation from the SEC and a legal action from Twitter stockholders for manipulating price. 

Others think if Elon Musk buys Twitter he can make this social media site as a free speech platform that is really needed in this time. Besides he can change the revenue method of Twitter to earn more by this. If Twitter authorities reject his offer he can sink the platform by selling his shares in a high profit.

Some are thinking, Twitter is not just a social media platform; rather, it is a very powerful political tool in the USA. Maybe Elon wants to dominate public opinion for establish his kingdom.

Some good reasons behind the offer to purchase Twitter

From the revenue point of view Twitter is far behind other giant social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. I agree Twitter is one of the most popular and powerful apps in the USA. But its number of revenue is not matched with its popularity. In the last quarter YouTube made five times more revenue than Twitter earned.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for politicians, businessmen, journalists and celebrities to narrate their thoughts to their followers. Musk wants to take over Twitter for ensuring free speech and a better civilization. 

We actually don’t know what is going on in the mind of the world's richest man regarding the offer of buying Twitter. But we can hope if it happens it will be good for the people. I don’t think Musk will buy Twitter only to earn money. Elon Musk's net worth is more than 273 billion USD right now and Twitter has nearly 330 million monthly active users. So, If Musk gets the 100% share of the Twitter and work on it for the human being then it will give a good impact on the people of the earth.

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