How to Use Twitter for Business | Beginner’s guide to promote your brand

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Beginner's Guide to Use Twitter for Business

Maybe you are trying hard to increase your engagement and followers in your Twitter business profile but you are failing again and again to make the real results.

If you follow some tips and tricks to make your twitter business profile a lead-generating machine then you can get more success in your business or startup from twitter this year.

Follow this post carefully because it will teach you how to use twitter business accounts to get more followers, more clicks and more leads.

Why you should create a Twitter business profile

In this digital era social platforms are creating a great impact on people. To promote your brand Twitter can be a big platform to engage with people. 

Many small and giant business owners are giving importance to other social platforms like Facebook where the platforms only focus on video content or long form captions.

But twitter encourages people to share their thoughts in short tweets and images. With a 280 character limit your tweets will be very short, specific and focused. Which is a great advantage of using twitter for business purposes.

You can share your company announcements, blog posts, about customer support and many others specific thoughts regarding your company on Twitter.

Keep it mind Twitter is a big platform with more than 300 million monthly active users which is a good opportunity to reach new people and increase your brand awareness.

The growth rate of twitter is high every year. So don’t miss the chance. If you have no twitter account, create it now. 

If you have an account but you are not much active in twitter please increase your activity and engagement to make twitter as the lead generating platform for your business.

Beginner’s guide to promote your brand in Twitter

If you are totally new to Twitter then the first step is to create a business account in twitter.

How To Setup Twitter Business Profiles very quickly?

For marketing your brand you need to set up a Twitter business profile. Here are the steps to create a business profile so quickly:

  By signing up on Twitter, create a twitter account for business. You can enter your own details and everything can be customized later in your convenience time.

   Choose a short and sweet Twitter handle for your business profile and It will be used for @mentions

   In your Twitter business profile picture upload your brand logos and a perfect graphics or photo as a header photo.

   Change the Twitter business profile name to your business name or brand name.

   Write a small and specific bio clearly explaining what your business does. 

   Add location and relevant links in twitter which can be your website link.

Now your profile is ready to make an engagement with people. Start following people, make connections and do tweets consistently for promoting your brand.

Effective Tips to Promote Your Brand in Twitter

Your twitter business profile has been created. Now you have to follow some tips and tricks to reach your profile to more people. These tips will help you to grow your brand. Here are the tips:

Creating Precise and to the point Bio

Create a precise and to the point bio which is enough for anyone to understand what you do and what is the brand.

Following similar minded people

Follow like-minded people who have the same interests and business as you. Learn from them how they tweet stuff.

Do commenting on others' tweets

Share your thoughts by commenting on others' tweets. If the post is good enough then retweet the tweets.

Build a strong connections with people

In your tweet talk with people in comment with an open mind. If needed then chat in the DMs. Be polite to the people in commenting or chatting.

Tweet useful and retweet-able content 

Tweet about your industry, your learning, your experiences which will connect people very easily. If content is very touchable and useful then people will retweet the content again and again.

Be consistent in twitter

To be consistent is a key to success in twitter. At any cost, keep your presence everyday by commenting, tweeting or simply retweeting.

Using twitter cards on your website

If you are not implementing Twitter cards on your website it is a big mistake. Using Twitter Cards, you can attach photos, videos and any other visual content to Tweets. This method will help you to get traffic to your business website.

Using Twitter lists

When you follow more people your timeline will be crowded. To avoid this crowd use twitter lists to organize the tweets that you really want to see and it will also save your time. A Twitter list is a compact feed of a selected group of people you want to see.

Applying Twitter’s Custom Audiences feature

Your email list and website visitors are your potential customers. Twitter’s custom audience is a feature which helps you to get your Twitter ads in front of your targeted viewers. Twitter’s custom audiences feature will help you a lot to increase your conversion rate.

Sharing a Variety of Content

People always find entertaining or valuable content in social media. Find that content or create yourself that kind of content to share with your audiences. Use videos, Info-graphics, Articles and Pictures types content in your tweeting schedule. It will boost your engagement rapidly.

Using the Perfect Hashtags

You should use hashtags in your tweet. But don’t use every and any hashtag. Research and find 1 or 2 hashtags per tweet. You can use different tools to identify your perfect hashtags. Here is another easiest way to find the right hashtags. Go to your influencer's twitter account. Follow their tweets and hashtags. Then write a similar type of content and apply those hashtags in your tweets. Keep it mind trending hashtags perform better.

Pin your best tweet at the top

Best practice is to pin one tweet at the top of your timeline. Pin an attractive tweet or content at the top to gain the first impression from the viewers. Your first tweet will make a positive impact on the viewer’s mind.

Using Twitter analytics

To know about the views and engagement of your tweets you have to use Twitter Analytics. It will give you a proper scenario of your Twitter account. You can learn about the choice of your audience. What contents they are liking most. As per your analytics research you can optimize and monetize your content to increase the engagement.

Knowing the best time to tweet

Normally 8 AM on Monday is the best time to tweet. But it might not be the best time for your business. Your perfectly crafted tweet can be a waste if you don’t maintain a perfect time. You can use twitter analytics to find out the best time to tweet. Researching twitter analytics you can track in which time your audience are more responsive in you tweet.

Buying followers is a mistake

Don’t make this mistake to increase your followers. You can purchase followers but those followers are not real, right? They will not interact with your brand and it will have a negative impact on your business profile.

Embed tweets on your website

If you have a brand website for your business, you can embed your tweets with your website to interact with your loyal followers. This technique will help to increase the brand value of your business.

At last I can say, Create objectives and strategies to grow your Twitter business account. Follow the strategies and observe the output then make new strategies to get more response from the twitter followers. Always find the trending topics and use those to get more impact. Maintain a regular time and tweet everyday on that time. Twitter is a great social media platform to take your business to the people very fast and easily.

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