How to apply for Apple work from home advisor jobs?

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Application Process for Apple work from home advisor jobs

Apple work from home advisor job is a great opportunity for them who are looking for a part-time or full-time job to generate an extra income from working at home. Usually Apple calls it as “Apple At Home Advisor” job on their website. Continuously Apple invites candidates from different countries to offer work from home chat positions with great pay and benefits. They need a massive man-power to maintain their customer service and support. This article will help you to know the applying procedure in Apple work from home advisor jobs, apple at home advisor pay, apple work from home advisor job requirements, apple at home advisor job reviews by people and other details of this job.

What is Apple at Home Advisor Job?

Apple work from home advisor job is a part of the company’s support team who work as a group to provide customer service, troubleshooting and technical support to Apple customers by phone, chat or email.

The employees who works as Apple at Home Advisor does their job by phone, chat, and email. By giving support to the customers, they made a connection between the Apple customers and the Company.

Responsibilities of Apple at Home Advisor Job

The responsibilities that should be maintained when working as Apple work from home advisor jobs. Those are:

  • To take calls, reply mails, and chat with customers.
  • Answering all of the questions to the customers about the Company’s products, services, and accessories.
  • Providing technical support to the customers regarding Apple products such as Apple TV, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Apple Watch.
  • They also assist in the company’s promotion campaign by giving information about new products and services of the Company.
  • Providing support for the recovery and retention of customers who have lost confidence in Apple.
  • Handling for the recovery and retention of customers who have lost confidence in Apple.
  • Identifying emerging product or customer issues and developing creative and realistic solutions.
  • Creating an internal network of collaboration and empowering to use judgment when considering Company and customer needs.
  • Providing effective feedback for improving operational strategies and suggesting applicable solutions. 

Apple at Home Advisor Salary and Incentives

Apple at home advisor pay can range around $14 – $20 per hour which reflects both position and level of experience. The pay rate is not always stated on Apple’s official website. From the job reviews and personal experience from people that have worked in the Company in that particular position we can know the salary and incentives of Apple work from home advisor jobs.

Apart from the hourly payment here are some incentives and benefits to expect working as an Apple at Home Advisor:

  • Stock options
  • Product discounts
  • Paid time away
  • Career expansion programs
  • Education assistance benefits
  • Paid vacation on emergency
  • Sick leave on emergency
  • Child Care assistance advantage
  • Gym reimbursement advantage
  • Other performance-based incentives

How to Apply for Apple Home Advisor Job?

You can apply for both full-time and part-time positions for Apple Home Advisor Job. You can choose any option you want.

For applying to Apple at Home Advisor Job you will have to go to the Apple Inc. official career page of their website to see the job listings. 

When you go to the website career page you can see all the openings available for applying. You can find your perfect role from the listing of job openings. 

By clicking on your preferred job post you can see the fulljob details. In the below of the job description, you see a button to submit a resume. But after clicking on the submit resume button you have to create an Apple ID to sign in to jobs at Apple by filling up their resume form. But if you have a previous ID then you can apply directly by giving your ID and password. 

After submitting your resume in Apple's career page, you have to wait patiently for the hiring team feedback. You will need to attend the interviews and any other process that will be designed by the hiring team. 

Apple Work from Home Advisor Job Requirements & Key Qualification 

To know Apple Work from Home Advisor job requirements & key qualification is a very important part before applying for the position. Some of the basic requirements & key qualifications are given below:

Basic Requirements

  • Experience in the use of any Apple products like iPhone, Mac, iPads is preferred.
  • Minimum of 2.7 GPA from partner Universities where Apple has declared interest in hiring from but the partner universities is not mandatory.
  • 2 years of technical troubleshooting experience with major Operating Systems (not necessarily iOS), like Windows. Technical troubleshooting is a big advantage for candidates.
  • Typing speed of minimum of 40 Words per Minute is required for this job.
  • Availability of a quiet room with a desk and an ergonomic chair.
  • Having a wonderful internet or network access is required from a reliable provider.
  • Internet connection with fast download speed which can download in 10 Mbps and upload 3 Mbps speed as well as less than 150 ms latency while connected to Apple VPN.
  • Any criminal background is not allowed.
  • Multitasking skills are required. 
  • Willing to work on holidays as per company rules.

 Key Qualifications

  •  Passionate about solving customer problems and gaining their confidence in Apple.
  •  Having strong communication skills, actively listening ability to the customer and being able to negotiate where needed.
  •  Having management and timing skills with priorities-based problem-solving capabilities.
  •  Having outstanding and consistent follow through capabilities until giving full resolution of customer issues.
  •  Having excellent problem solving and quick decision-making skills.
  •  Curious and ambitious and creative thinking is required.
  •  Target oriented ability.
  •  Having flexibility in work is a must to explore and assist in new projects.
  •  Fluency in English and specific country language which is mentioned in circular is needed.

 Apple Work from Home Advisor Time Schedule

 Both full-time and part-time schedules are available in Apple Work from Home Advisor jobs. But some requirements are needed to meet the schedules.

 Need to be flexible to work between the hours of 7:00 a.m. CST and 10:30 p.m. CST including weekends. Management will give the shifting schedule as per company policy.

 Availability to attend approximately five to six weeks online training on a fixed schedule including weekends.

 Training for the Apple Work from Home Advisor Job

 Intense training is given to the Apple at home advisors job employees where both in theory and practical methods are trained. The training period lasts up to nine weeks. The content is delivered virtually and a live instructor leads the online program. The topics which are covered in the training sessions are Apple product lessons, advanced troubleshooting, and job-specific tools and processes. To learn Apple’s unique approach to customer support is the main motive of the training for the Apple Work from Home Advisor Job. An iMac and a headset will be provided to the employee from the Apple company to complete the training period and start the working days.

 Job Location of Apple at Home Advisor

 You have to live within 100 miles of the city to apply for the specific job post which location is mentioned in the job description. Their main focus is the United States for the Apple At-Home program but besides it they hire from more than 30 states including Toronto, Canada; Cork, Ireland; and Sydney, Australia.

 Apple at Home Advisor Job Reviews

 Before applying or joining for Apple home based job you should check out some positive and negative reviews which are collected from indeed and glassdoor website.

 A review of a former employee is featured in Indeed website with 4 rating points. The reviewer has described Apple as a great company with plenty of opportunities available for the home advisor job. But the cost of healthcare could be better for the employee.

 Another current employee of Apple in the Home Advisor post described in glassdoor website, The schedule of this job changes every 90 days and you need to bid for your shifts so you never know what schedule you are going to get. For this it is extremely hard to plan your life in advance.

 But with some negative reviews most of the employees said the job and the company is amazing. Because they take good care of their employees and the benefits are top quality.


 Apple At Home Advisor is a dedicated position for those who love to give support and solution of the problems to the customers of the Apple company. This is a great way to make some extra money for you and your family. The big advantage is that you can do the job from your own home. You don’t need to go outside for income. If this article is helpful for you then please share this article to your friends and family members to show a way of income.

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