What is NFTSTAR? A new NFT platform from The9 company [A-to-Z details of NFTSTAR]

What is NFTSTAR?

"NFTSTAR" a new NFT platform from The9 company

The9 Limited is a Nasdaq-listed crypto mining firm has declared to launch a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform titled NFTSTAR. It will be the grand opening for The9 company to enter into the NFT business. In the last few months the NFT market has been booming rapidly. Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins like marketplaces collection items are breaking records one by one. Keeping pace with the times, The9 company is wanting to make a strong position in the NFT business.

What is NFTSTAR?

NFTSTAR is a next-generation community where users can buy and trade NFT Collections featuring world-class stars. Here users will be able to buy different tiers of blind boxes and a limited collection of their own stars’ NFT. On NFTSTAR marketplace NFTs can be purchased or traded. The NFTSTAR platform will be unique with its features from other NFT platforms.

NFTSTAR launch date

NFTSTAR platform was planned to be officially launched on December 17, 2021. But the new NFT platform NFTSTAR was officially launched on Jan 13 of 2022. 


NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the founder of NFTSTAR marketplace. NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore wholly owned subsidiary of The9 Limited. NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. will lead NFTSTAR on behalf of The9 company.


NFTSTAR has launched a brand-new website. At first they didn’t do much work on this website as the platform was supposed to be launched on Dec 17, 2021. But they launched it on 13th January of 2022. They already sold 200 editions of Luis Figo-Golen Generation NFT on their website within 24 hours. 

NFTSTAR Registration process

NFTSTAR has opened their registration process on their website. Registration process is very easy and simple. Basically, its a pre-registration process for the users. For pre-registration in NFTSTAR you have to go to their website. After going a page will be opened on their website and below the page you can see a box to give your email address. Just give your mail address and be a pre-register of the NFTSTAR community to get your unique customized NFT.


Chris Shen is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the NFTSTAR. He is also contributing as the president of The9 Limited. He has more than 16 years working experience with The9 company. Chris Shen is doing his CEO part in NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. from May 2021.


Gagan Palrecha is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of NFTSTAR. He is the former chief operating officer of Dapper Labs. Chris Shen, CEO of NFTSTAR, is very glad that Mr. Palrecha is joining NFTSTAR as COO. He is very expert in the NFT industry.

NFTSTAR Features

NFTSTAR will provide users with purchase, trade, and interactive activities regarding NFT trading and community platform. NFTSTAR will feature NFT collections generated by global stars licensed IPs. Users can buy various tiers of blind boxes and own stars’ limited NFT collections. Users will get the ownership of the unique NFT collectible through trading on NFTSTAR’s marketplace and it will have a unique record on the blockchain.

NFTSTAR Payment method

The NFTSTAR payment method will be very user friendly. Considering the mainstream consumers NFTSTAR will accept general payment methods such as credit cards to make the transaction process easy for the users. But till now no exact payment method is disclosed by the authorities.

NFTSTAR featured stars

NFTSTAR will feature stars from different sectors. It will be not limited only to sports, entertainment, art, and other industries celebrities. At the beginning of the launch global sports stars will be the main partners. The9 company will disclose the NFTSTAR’s sports stars lineup one by one very soon. But now there are five stars listed on their website. They are- Neymar Jr, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luis Figo, Christian Mccaffrey and Son Heung-min.


For the rapid growth market of NFT the9 company will launch NFTSTAR very soon. Their aim is to be a market leader in this sector. NFTSTAR community focuses to create a remarkable entrance to the future metaverse through NFT collections, trading, and community platform.

NFTSTAR business strategy

NFTSTAR business strategy is close to other NFT marketplaces. But they are wanting to give a unique identity to NFTSTAR. The platform will feature those NFT collections which are created by certified IPs global stars. At the same time for business promotion, they will feature stars from various fields especially in sports, entertainment, art, and other industries. Their payment method will be simple for the users. Chairman and CEO of The9, Zhu Jun, stated- NFT market is growing very fast all over the world so that NFTSTAR has great potential to grow.

Scope and Future of NFTSTAR

NFTSTAR has a huge potential and a bright future in the NFT market for the rapid growth of this sector. From the last two or three months the NFT market has been doing fantastic. The curiosity of people is increasing very fast regarding NFT. So, I think present time is the best time for NFTSTAR to scatter their footprints in this sector. There is a huge potential and future scope for NFTSTAR.

Who owns NFTSTAR?

The9 Limited, established internet company in China, is the main owner of NFTSTAR. But it will be launched and operated by NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. which is a fully owned subsidiary of The9 Limited. Chris Shen is the CEO and Gagan Palrecha is the COO of NFTSTAR.

The9 Company Overview

The9 Limited is a well-known Internet company based in China. It was established in 2004 by listing on Nasdaq. The9 has focused to become a diversified high-tech Internet Company. Between 2005 and 2009 it was focused on gaming. It turned its business focus on crypto mining in January, along with other Chinese companies such as 500.com, now BIT Mining. But now it wants to enter into the NFT business sector. After the announcement of the NFTSTAR, new NFT platform, the share of The9 Ltd. (NCTY) stock prices was up by 4.46%. The CEO of this company is Jun Zhu.

NFT is trending now. This is the best time for NFTSTAR to launch and compete with other competitors by applying different strategies. Hope they will reach their destination in the NFT industry.

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