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SAP India and Microsoft announced to launch 'Tech Saksham' program to skill over 62,000 Women

On Thursday SAP India and Microsoft announced to launch Tech Saksham, a joint skilling program, for empowering young women students from deprived communities to build careers in the technology sector. SAP India and Microsoft make a target to train 62,000 women students in areas like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, web design and digital marketing.

SAP India and Microsoft took a great initiative by announcing the launch of a joint skilling program 'Tech Saksham' for qualifying young women students from underserved communities to build careers in technology. 

From this joint initiative, SAP India and Microsoft aim to skill 62,000 women students in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, web design and digital marketing.

AICTE Training and Learning Academy (ATAL) and state collegiate education departments make a collaboration in this program to support the professional development of faculty at participating institutes.

In the first year of execution, the initiative will train 1,500 teachers and each faculty trained will be appointed to support over 50 students in one year, impacting 60,000-75,000 students.

Edunet Foundation will implement the pan-India initiative which will develop future-ready skills in young women graduating in sciences, engineering, computer applications, and vocational studies.

The students of this program will also get an opportunity to present their work to business leaders and experts from local industries which will help them to establish early linkages with industry ecosystems.

The chairman of AICTE, Anil D Sahasrabudhe, said Tech Saksham will transform the scenery of workplaces. More than 60,000 women will be  trained by this initiative which will create a massive impact in the country.

Anil D Sahasrabudhe stated that with more than 1,000 women faculty certified which will bring great changes not only in employability of graduates but also it will encourage many more students to start their startup journey.

SAP Indian has always been at the forefront in advancing digital formation and equity across India through its flagship programs like Code Unnati where it has enabled more than 1.8 million teenagers and children.

SAP Indian Subcontinent President and Managing Director Kulmeet Bawa said that their partnership with Microsoft is a great vision where they will focus to skill the young women of our country in emerging technologies like AI and cloud computing empowering them to be a part of the future ready arena.

He also added that the future skills will look very different than the present skills. Digital skills will be not just a necessity but key to qualify for jobs. Great effort needed to skill India's talent and workforce. He said that their partnership with SAP is a commitment to build up the skill ecosystem and closing the digital skills gap by educating Indian women to achieve the path to success in a digital economy'.

Tech Saksham website
Credit: Tech Saksham website

Selected teachers and institutes will be identified during and after the first year of the program to establish a nodal center in each target geography. In the following years, these nodal centers will drive outreach to regional institutions and motivate students and teachers to join in the program.

Moreover, the initiative will help to create local community interconnection and develop relationships with local industry to create strong career pathways for all participating students.

'Tech Saksham' program will focus on bringing certain outcomes in the first year of implementation, including directly training 2,000 students across India for employment in tech-related sectors.

The best thing is, Tech Saksham program will also help students with opportunities for internships, jobs and micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to 50 per cent of the qualifying students, and managing capacity building by training 1,500 teachers and establishing five nodal centers.

FAQ: Need to know

➤ What is Tech Saksham Program?

The Tech Saksham Program (TSP) is a skill development initiative taken by SAP India and Microsoft jointly to enable, empower and accelerate women graduates from underserved communities towards technology careers. The program will upskill female learners in today's high demand areas: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Web Design & Digital Marketing and then assist them with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

➤ Who is eligible for the Tech Saksham Program?

Women Learners from pre-final and final year pursuing degree / diploma courses ( BE/ B.Tech, B.Sc / M.Sc, BCA /MCA, PGDCA etc.) are eligible for Tech Saksham Program.

➤ Where can I register for the Tech Saksham program?

Go to their website to register for the course of Tech Saksham.

➤ What is the fee for the Tech Saksham course?

This course is absolutely free because this program is fully supported by Microsoft and SAP.

➤ What is the duration of this Tech Saksham course?

It needs 160-200 hours to complete the course.

➤ Will any certificate be given to course participants?

Yes, Students who competently complete the program will receive course completion certificates (certified by both Microsoft and SAP) and placement/internship assistance to any company.

➤ What do I need to participate in this program?

If you want to participate in this course you will need some IT equipment like reliable internet connection, a well-functioning laptop, personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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