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what is gettr

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What is GETTR?

GETTR is a social network site which is very similar to Twitter. Gettr is created by Jason Miller. A prototype of Gettr was launched on Thursday, 1 July 2021 and it will be officially launched on Sunday, 4 July 2021 at 10 a.m. 

GETTR will be the latest MAGA venture in this arena. Former advisor of Donald Trump’s team announced it will be an alternative to Big Tech sites. Gettr is a “non-bias social network for people all over the world” which is described in its app stores. Trump top advisor Jason Miller is leading this platform.

Basically, Gettr is a conservative social media platform where people can express their political and personal beliefs and nobody will be canceled on the site. Gettr is registered in Delaware and New York is located as the headquarters of the app. 

GETTR stands for

What does Gettr stand for? It is a mysterious question till now. Because no one revealed the full form of GETTR from this app’s authority. Someone said in a YouTube video comment section as a joke that Gettr stands for “Get To Run” but it is a totally funny statement. We all know it is a social media platform but it is unknown what Gettr stands for. Assume that The name takes from the idea of “Getting Together.”

Hopefully we will know it soon from the authority side of Gettr. 

GETTR app installation

After banned from giant social media platforms for the issue of Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Trump tried different ways to interact with his audience but failed. Then the new app came called GETTR which was live on the Google and Apple app stores in mid-June. This app was most recently updated Wednesday. Till now more than four thousand users have downloaded this app. To install or get this app you have to go to Google or Apple app store.

GETTR app review by users

On Google app store Gettr app got 2208 votes with 3.8 rating out of 5 from users. On the Apple store it got 2600 votes with 4.7 ratings till now.

Users are giving positive and negative mixed reviews to this app. It is true that Gettr is mostly similar to Twitter. To download this app users are getting some issues. One of the major problems users are facing is that verification code is not coming to mail or mobile numbers. Someone liked its interface. Someone saying it is a waste of time to create a similar type of social site which is already available in the market. 

Hope Gettr will solve their technical issues to get better feedback from the users.

GETTR app features

GETTR features and design are mostly similar to Twitter. The main interface of Gettr app is feed of posts which accounts you follow. There is an option to import your Twitter content in the time of setting up your Gettr account.

Highlighted Features are given below which are taken from Google & Apple app store:

  • Users can post 3 minutes long video.
  • You can post up to 777 characters longer messages.
  • Videos can be edited within the App.
  • It supports Multi-language.
  • Quick sign up process.
  • Post, Repost.
  • Comments.
  • Image/Video Editor
  • News Sharing

Miller said that Gettr will also allow its users to post clearer pictures with video editing options. The users can explore a feed of trending topics and also repost other user’s posts.  Gettr is rated “M” in app stores, which means it is recommended for people who are 17 and above.

GETTR founder & funding

Jason Miller, a former senior adviser, and spokesman to Donald Trump is the founder of GETTR. Miller is leading the platform and another Trump campaign former spokesperson Tim Murtaugh is the consultant of the app development. But Trump’s involvement with the GETTR is unclear till now.

Jason Miller received the primary funding of Gettr from fugitive criminal Chinese businessman Guo Wengui. “The Guo Family Foundation” and other investors will give financial support but Guo doesn’t have a direct financial stake or any direct role in Gettr. The amount of funding is unrevealed but the people who are related with the matter confirmed that more than $30 million has been raised so far and more than 100 people are employed in the company.

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