17 Profitable and low investments startup business ideas for civil engineers in India [2022]

Business ideas for civil engineers

17 Profitable and low investments civil engineering startup business ideas in India

Definitely India is one of the fastest growing construction markets in the world and the growing rate is 8-9% every year. As per industry projection, the size of India’s construction industry will be USD 1 trillion by 2030. This industry will contribute 13% of the country's GDP by 2025. Without doubt, civil engineers have a vast potential as per career perspective.

But unfortunately, the real scenario is different. India produces 15 lakh engineering graduates every year. From them 20-30 percent graduates do not get proper jobs which matched with their qualification. Lacking practical knowledge, technical skills and communication skills engineering students struggle in this sector. 

As getting a job is being difficult day by day, this creates a great opportunity to build your own startup business in the civil engineering industry. But before starting your own business in the civil engineering industry you need some crucial knowledge to make your business on a legal level. 

  • Having a deep and strong understanding of the civil engineering field.
  • Following all safety and security guidelines due to high risk.
  • Maintaining the government rules and terms regarding your business.

Besides you have to make a strong network and relationships with all registered structural engineers, cad draftsman, Architects, Geotechnical Engineers and material vendors. Which will help you to grow your business very quickly.

Startup Business ideas for civil engineers
business ideas for civil engineers

You are a fresher that's why you're reading this article. As a fresher it is very difficult to start your construction business with huge capital. So here I am giving you some unique and low investment startup business ideas which you can start today. But before starting these businesses in the civil engineering industry market research is must.

Here is the list of some unique and profitable civil engineering startup business ideas which you can start with small investment:

📃 Table of content

  1. Consultant
  2. Quantity Surveyor
  3. Blogging on civil engineering
  4. Interior Decoration
  5. E-book writing
  6. Labor Contract
  7. AutoCAD Centre
  8. Supply of construction materials
  9. Nail production business

1. Consultant

You can start your consultancy firm. Here is the scope to be a structural consultant or Paving Consultant. If there is a fear of collapsing then what is the good to be a beautiful home? For security reasons and other factors everybody needs a structural engineer to build a house or other structure. A structural engineer works with architects. They provide valuable advice to build a house from basic determination of construction design to execution planning and monitoring of production. Paving consulting also includes project planning, estimation and implementation. Paving consulting is a great business opportunity for civil engineers. It is also referred to as a home plan designer. 


Proper knowledge of structural planning for the renovation of existing buildings or creation of a design draft with structural calculations.

Need strong mathematical and calculation skills.

Require specialist knowledge in building informatics and geology.

Deep knowledge in AutoCAD 2D and 3D design.

Academic degree in architecture or civil engineering.

So, if you have proper knowledge and education you can work as a freelance project management consultant, structural consultant and paving consultant in different projects of construction.

2. Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors play a vital role in the construction sector. Because they estimate and control costs for large construction projects. To make sure the legal and quality standards are their duties. From small to big constructions projects need quantity surveyors. There is a shortage of trained and quality quantity surveyors in the industry. So, it is the right time for you to grab this opportunity. You can work as a quantity surveyor as a freelance. 


 Bachelor degree in civil engineering.

 Diploma in quantity surveying or a certificate level course will add an advantage.

 Get sufficient work experience under a licensed surveyor.

 Strong mathematical and problem-solving knowledge.

 Require analytical thinking skills.

 A good knowledge on engineering science and technology, building and construction.

 Skills of negotiation & communication 

As per American Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2019-2029 the demand for quantity surveyors is predicted to grow to 2%(Slower than average for Covid-19). So, make a strong plan with the startup cost, target market and target customers and gain profit to start the business of quantity surveyor.

3. Blogging on civil engineering

You have completed your graduation in civil engineering and now trying hard to get a job or start a business. But you fail to get a job or start your startup and day by day getting depressed. Then blogging is a solution. Many people do blog beside their job or business as part time. But you can take it professionally. Because blogging is a proven profession to earn money. Make a blog, write articles on civil engineering and publish it on your blog. If you are consistent and passionate about blogging then can gain success in this field.

Here you will get the list of top 10 civil engineering Website/Blogs.


Having sufficient knowledge on civil engineering education and profession.

Need a domain and hosting to start blogging on WordPress.

Or you can start on blogger free hosting with a custom domain.

Write quality articles on every part of civil engineering, construction and others related issues.

Publish it on your blog with proper on page and off page SEO.

Maintain the consistency and have some patience.

Before starting a blog gather proper knowledge on blogging from YouTube or Facebook. Then start your blog and if you work maintaining the terms and policy of google then you will be succeeded in this sector.

4. Interior Decoration

Interior decoration and civil engineering is inextricably linked to each other. If you have civil engineering knowledge and besides you are creative minded then the interior design or decoration sector is for you. Interior decorating is the art of designing a building or room or residential home or commercial business according to clients’ personal demand. It includes color combination, furniture, artwork, flooring materials and accessories. You have to be passionate about designing and decoration. 


 Proper construction knowledge.

 Having a Bachelor's or Master’s course in Interior Design but it's not mandatory to start business.

 Certificate courses will add an advantage.

 Out of the box thinking capabilities.

 Creative idea and imaginative skills.

 Passionate for designing.

 Following the upcoming trends. 

Interior designing has become a promising career option. If you take it as a business or startup then it will be great for you to fulfill the demand of the market. Day by day people are becoming very choosy. So, you have to design a building or home considering the taste of your clients.

5. E-book writing

eBook writing on civil engineering can be an earning source for you. As a civil engineer you have a vast knowledge in this field. You can begin writing eBooks to share your knowledge. There are many people who are interested in reading eBooks. You do not have to be an expert writer. You can hire an editor to make your eBook more professional. 


 Proper knowledge on civil engineering.

 Writing skills will add an extra benefit.

 Knowledge of selling eBooks in different online platforms.

 Patience and consistency is needed in this field.

There are many online platforms in this digital era. Free-Ebooks.net, Pressbooks are some kinds of online platforms to sell eBooks. You can also work in Fiverr as a writer. eBook writing is a great business idea by which you can make money very easily.

6. Labor Contract

Labor contract is another profitable way to earn money in civil engineering. In India construction work is increasing day by day. Every construction project needs skilled labor to complete their work. So, this is a huge opportunity for you to work as a labor supplier to those construction projects. You can start with a small project then gradually take on a big project to supply labor. 


Sufficient knowledge of construction work.

Experienced to work in this field will give an advantage.

Network making skills among project management and labor.

Knowing the rate of labor for different tasks.

Good communication and management skills needed.

Every construction project needs skilled labor. But in India sometimes it is difficult to get skilled labor. So, after starting your labor supplier business you can train those labor who are working with you. If you give skilled labor to those construction projects it will help you to increase your company's reputation. 

7. AutoCAD Centre

AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application which is used for 2D and 3D design in architecture and civil engineering projects. If you are an AutoCAD specialist then you can teach those students who are interested to learn AutoCAD.


Knowledge of AutoCAD.

Passionate to design.

Teaching skill.

Need some desktops or laptops to teach.

Minimum one room is required.

There is a huge scope in AutoCAD teaching. Because many b-tech, diploma and designers are interested to learn AutoCAD for their professional career. Minimum rate of teaching AutoCAD is Rs. 8000 per student. If you can manage some students to teach then AutoCAD can be a great earning source for you.

8. Supply of construction materials

Supply of construction materials is one of the great business ideas in civil engineering. From this business you can earn a huge money. Some investment is needed to start this business. You have to build a trustable network with construction project managers and manufacture of materials. Most profitable items are sand, bricks, rods, nails, wires, paints etc. 


Initial capital investment based upon the products and the project size.

Skill of finding out the quality products.

Good marketing team to supply the materials.

Skill of creating networks with structural engineers, project managers and architects.

Making a trustable relationship with the manufacturer or vendors of materials.

If you can give the materials at a good price and ensure the good quality for the construction projects then you have a chance to take your business to the next level.

9. Nail production business

Nail is an essential item in any construction work. You can start manufacturing nails for construction. Because it needs very low investment to start. 


Small amount of investment.

Knowledge of different kinds of nails for construction.

Skill of communication.

A space for manufacturing.

Manufacturing knowledge.

Civil engineering is a vast market to start your startup business. There are more low-cost business ideas for civil engineers. Those are:

10. Painting service

11. Wallpaper fixing

12. Manufacturing roofing materials

13. Plumbing service

14. Lawn care service

15. Bathtub & countertop refinishing

16. Chimney Repairing Business

17. Supervising property

So, there are huge opportunities for you to start your own business in the civil engineering field. You just need some knowledge, courage and experience to start your startup. Make an effective plan, justify the market, research on your target customers, create your product or services and move forward to the market with your product or services. Start with small and finish with big achievement.

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